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Movie News Bits - Viacom buys TMNT, full frontal NEW MOON clip, Weather Channel shows movies, and a SEASON OF THE WITCH Nicolas Cage teaser trailer 

Here are a few news stories for the day. I don't have the time or resources to write up long thoughtful stories on all the news I hear, but I would like to start sharing more of them. I hope to aggregate some of the more interesting news into stories like these. Let me know what you think below.

Hilarious Pixar Intro Parody

Go College Humor! Very well made. The vomiting 'P' is a nice touch. More stories after the jump.

The Weather Channel to show movies

The Weather Channel has joined MTV, VH1, AMC, and every other cable channel and finally abandoned its actual mission: to provide weather news. Now it plans to show "weather" based movies like "The Perfect Storm" on Friday nights. Trust me, it won't be long before "Twister," "The Day After Tomorrow," "Armageddon," "Poseidon" and other ridiculous Hollywood weather caricatures air. Then the movies won't even be "about" weather so much as feature it. 

Seriously, is it so hard to actually stick to the mission of a channel? The History Channel is becoming the Discovery Channel; The Learning Channel is now all about families that are abnormally short or have at least eight kids; A&E shows more Gene Simmons and Criss Angel than it does arts or entertainment; TV Land is more about films and original content than actual classic TV. The only networks that seem to even try are in the minority, like Food Network and Comedy Central. I miss TechTV. Even that, before its end, began to get too broad.

A new clip from New Moon shows how far society has come

Not going to say much about this, but it's interesting to be a guy watching a movie so blatantly showing half-naked men for a woman's eye. Usually it's the other way around! But hey, if it opens some ladies up to the fantasy genre, cool beans. Kevin Smith gets it.

Nickelodeon buys the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ("TMNT" to the kids)

This seems like a decent match. At least it will fill one Nickelodeon time slot with something other than Spongebog Squarepants or a Hannah Montana competitor. Viacom--which owns Nickelodeon, Paramount, and a large chunk of everything else you watch on TV or at the theater--has bought the rights to the Ninja Turtles from the Mirage Group for $60 million. Mirage has owned the brand since 1984. Not bad.

The TMNT brand has endured remarkably well considering how preposterous a concept it is, and will fit into Nickelodeon's goal to keep young boys watching their network. This could be a very small jab back at Disney, which bought all of Marvel Entertainment a month or two ago. Another TMNT movie is being planned with Scott Mednick (Executive Producer for "Where the Wild Things Are" and some less awesome films) onboard.

Teaser Trailer for Season of the Witch, starring Nicolas Cage

IGN got its hands on an exclusive teaser trailer for "Season of the Witch," which is currently slated for realease on my favorite day of 2010: March 19. Wikipedia says the movie is about "Two 14th century knights (Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman) who transport a girl (Claire Foy) suspected of being a witch and responsible for spreading the Black Plague." I'm guessing it isn't a quick and eventless delivery.

"Season of the Witch" is directed by Dominic Sena, best known for "Swordfish" and "Gone in 60 Seconds." It doesn't appear to be based on any current brand or film, so that automatically sets it apart from everything else. Who wouldn't want to see Nicolas Cage in afantasy film? He's been in everything else.

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