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Movie News Bits - some ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie plot details, 23rd Bond to film next year, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2?, Netflix on PS3

News without the fluff. I still haven't come up with a tagline for this. In any case, nothing earth shattering happened this weekend, but we did get a few new details on the "Arrested Development" movie, Netflix, and the next Bond film. Enjoy.

"Arrested Development" movie to be directed by Mitchell Hurwitz and some plot details

"Arrested Development" is, hands down, my favorite body of comedy of all time. There is no show with more layers of humor. If you haven't seen it, watch the first season on Hulu for free. Hopefully, it will still be free by the time you click that link. Anyway, series creator and co-writer Mitchell Hurwitz is planning on directing the movie himself. This is news, since he didn't direct any of the episodes. Speaking at a panel about storytelling, he also commented a bit about the plot. I think it's a great direction to go.

Hurwitz relented to Nasatir, and said, that there would be a heavy jail presence and then made jokes about the inclusion of TARP money, a nod to the inability of a film to be as timely as television due to lag times in production and release. - Austin360 Blog

Today in obvious news: Paramount may make "Paranormal Activity 2"

When a movie with a budget of $10,000-$15,000 makes $62 million (and climbing) at the box office, somebody is bound to bring up a sequel. From what I understand, the company planned to remake the horror film in the first place, but that never happened. The big question is: how the hell will they top the first? I'm guessing in all the wrong ways. 

For your viewing pleasure, here's a funny mash-up of "Paranormal Activity" and "Saw." It's called..."Paranormal Saw!"

The 23rd James Bond movie starts filming next year

As much as I rail on "formulas" and cut/paste movies, I love James Bond. Always have. Daniel Craig told a fan that filming on the next Bond film, a sequel to "Quantum of Solace," will start next year. I was disappointed in "Solace" and hope they put a lot more emphasis on story this time around. "Casino Royale" was amazing, but "Solace" was one repetitive action scene after another and got tiring. No word yet on the director.

Netflix signs streaming deal for PlayStation 3

Gosh Netflix is smart. I'm having trouble thinking up devices Netflix isn't on. Unlike its competitors, Netflix has decided that being a software delivery platform is more important than having a box. You can buy a Netflix set-top box, but you can also download and stream its movies from almost every other device, putting the power in the hands of the consumer. With DVD sales waning, this streaming strategy is paying off. It's nice to see a company thinking forward.

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