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Movie News Bits - ALICE IN WONDERLAND extended trailer, Adam Sandler pulls an Eddie Murphy, trailer for INVICTUS by Eastwood, Galifianakis lands another role

Here are some of the more interesting bits of movie news I saw on the web today. Be sure to check out the Hitchcock collection, as it's 55% off on Amazon today. 

New trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

When I first saw the trailer for "Alice in Wonderland" I thought it was a bit Burton-by-numbers. Burton has such a unique style that sometimes he relies on it too closely. With that said, it's starting to grow on me, as is the insane mashing of different technologies used to get the look in this film. Are you guys excited? 

More news after the jump.

Adam Sandler to pull an Eddie Murphy and play two characters

Adam Sandler has signed on to star in a movie called "Jack and Jill," and he'll be playing both Jack and his twin sister Jill. Is he just not getting enough roles these days? "Funny People" was great (though not that funny); it's sad to see him drift back into "Zohan" territory. This reminds me of a joke in "Tropic Thunder:" Jack Black's character starred in a film franchise called "The Fatties" where he played every character. It was an obvious nod to Eddie Murphy. Let's hope this movie isn't. 

First trailer for "Invictus" by Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is not afraid of branching out, it seems. This looks interesting, and you can't get much better than Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon to star. I'm not so sure a soccer movie will play well in the states. "Bend It Like Beckham" is the last one I remember. 

Great deal on a 14-movie Alfred Hitchcock collection

This is Amazon's deal of the day today. It's $53.99 for all fourteen movies, which is less than four bucks a pop. The movies include "Rear Window," "Psycho," "Birds," and "Vertigo" which is a personal favorite of mine. I am sad that "North by Northwest" isn't included. Here's a link to the Amazon page

Zach Galifianakis and Amy Adams to star in " Town House"

Talk about striking while the iron is hot. Galifianakis is turning into a full blown star after the success of "The Hangover." "The Hangover 2" is already in the works, but Galfianakis is set to star in "Due Date" alongside Robert Downey Jr., "Dinner for Schmucks" with Steve Carell, and now he's in talks to co-headline "Town House" with Amy Adams. Variety describes the plot:

Story is loosely based on Tish Cohen's debut novel of the same name, which centers on an agoraphobic man, who lives with his teenage son in a historic Boston townhouse that he inherited from his rock star father. With royalties from his father's work dwindling, the man is forced to come to terms with his life. A call girl strikes up a friendship with the man. Doug Wright and Carney adapted the screenplay. - Variety

They're remaking 3D

Shoot me now. Jeez. I don't hate the fancy new digital 3D, but I hate the movie projects that it's spawning. It seems like every crappy or worn out franchise is making a comeback just because tacking on 3D might be enough of a gimmick to get some people to watch. "Scream 4" will be 3D too. Ugh.

Learn how to howl like Chewbacca

Not really news, but equally valuable. And hell, it's almost Halloween. Start practicing!

"Starship Troopers" remembered

I don't consider this movie a classic, but it did have its moments. And I can't knock the movie for featuring Neil Patrick Harris. Sci Fi Squad's Peter Hall shares why he thinks it's a progressive science fiction movie. It's worth a read. I still contend that the game "Halo" got a lot of its designs from "Starship Troopers," or maybe both brands stole the look from something else. 

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