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AVATAR racks up $617.3 million in worldwide sales, sequels will be on other planets, and its a bootlegger's dream

This was a year of lame epics. Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, G.I. Joe, 2012, WatchmenTransformers 2...they all kind of sucked. Star Trek is an exception and District 9 landed out of nowhere, but it was a pretty consistent trend. Avatar has restored my faith in the epic. It's fresh and new not because it has faster cuts, bigger explosions, and more T&A, but because it's a rich cinematic experience with an array strengths that play to almost all audiences. This is a movie that me and my buddies can enjoy as well as my mother. It's a great film.

Here are a few stories floating around about James Cameron's new epic (after the jump).

Avatar worldwide gross exceeds $600 million

With a budget rumored to be in excess of $350 million, Avatar is also the most expensive ever made. Yet, it's already made back whatever it's budget is, and then some. Worldwide ticket sales have reached $617 million. Even crazier, it ushered in the biggest box office weekend of all time over Christmas, grossing another $75 million in its second weekend, which is practically unheard of. Usually a big movie will debut huge at the box office and then drop 40-70 percent the following weekend. Avatar has dropped 2 percent at most, and may actually do better when the final numbers come out today.

For a detailed analysis of how awesome this weekend was for Avatar and Sherlock Holmes check out Collider. The Hollywood Reporter delves deeper into the worldwide numbers, which will probably breach $1 billion in a week or so.

Off-world Sequels are coming...

The better Avatar does, the more Cameron seems to discuss sequels. He's never made a trilogy before, but Avatar may be his first. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he was very open about the possibility of sequels, and said they will take place on other planets as well.

Avatar is set on the moon of Pandora, which orbits a larger blue planet, much like the many moons that orbit the planet Jupiter in our own solar system. He doesn't comment if those planets have Na'vi on them or if they're full of completely new races. I'd imagine the latter to be the case. 

In other interviews, he's said that he will work closely with the team at Ubisoft who developed the Avatar videogame. He seems to think they have great ideas, but according to review scores, the game ain't all that great. After he had the nerve to hype up the game for 15 minutes straight at E3 last May, without even a single screenshot or clip to show, I've been reluctant to give the game a chance. 

Avatar: The Making of a Bootleg

Filmonic and some other sites found this great video. Everyone, including me, is hailing Avatar as the next big thing. Apparently it's a big deal for bootleggers and pirates too. It may just change bootlegging forever

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Hahaha, that was a great review. The bootleg making of video at the end really was a good cherry topping. :)

December 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterErika

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