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Draco Malfoy finally gets evil in Half-Blood Prince (News Recap)

Everyone seems to be talking about Malfoy lately. Below are some snippets from some of the better interviews and articles I’ve read.

USA Todayhas a great article on the evolution of Draco Malfoy in the upcomingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.Tom Felton, who has played Malfoy for almost a decade, is looking forward to his larger role.

“He’s been given a task to obtain the same greatness as Harry has, working for the other side,” says Felton. “He thinks he’s going to do it, and he revels in the chance to be the chosen one, if you will. He likes to think he’s equally strong-willed as Harry, and whatever Harry can do, he can do better. But deep down, he knows he can’t do it. There’s a real conflict of emotions.” - USA Today

Unlike his character, Fenton seems like a much more sedate and courteous kid. For someone who’s been in five of the most successful movies of all time, he’s very polite too. He was afraid to talk over the director, David Yates, during the on-set interview, even though the director was well out of ear-shot. Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, is equally impressed with Fenton and excited about the characters’ growth in the upcoming film.

“It was schoolboy rivalry before,” says Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry. “It was playground insults. It was all pretty tame stuff. And then suddenly this time ‘round, it actually gets nasty. Draco is turning into something much more meaningful and menacing.”

…”Whereas Malfoy’s becoming a fully fledged evil person, Harry is maturing into this real fighter,” says Radcliffe. “He’s not a boy anymore, he’s a soldier who knows what he has to do. He’s set himself goals, along with Dumbledore. I see Harry becoming Dumbledore’s favorite foot soldier in this film.” - USA Today

David Yates, perhaps best known for directing the HBO series State of Play—which was recently made into an absolutely fantastic movie starring Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams—is all about heightening the rivalry between Malfoy and Potter and helping Malfoy begin to express himself.

“The audience has grown up with these characters, and I think that gives them a very special relationship,” says Yates. “I can’t think of any other movie franchise that has had that. They started out at 10 and 11, and now they’re 18 and 19. It’s a really interesting progression to see that development and maturity. That kind of gives us a special place in the hearts and heads of the audience. … So yes, they’re getting older, and we want to use that rather than holding them back.”

…”David’s very good at telling you what you need to do the scene right,” says Felton. “He doesn’t like obvious facial emotions. He’ll say: ‘Just think it.’ Then he’ll come up to you afterwards and say, ‘What were you thinking? Try to think about this, think about that.’ He wants it very, very subtle.”

…Another way to distinguish Draco from his less malevolent fellow wizards is through his clothing preferences. He spends much of the movie skulking about Hogwarts corridors in dark European-cut suits, setting him apart from classmates who sport far more casual wear.

“I really liked the notion of Malfoy dressing quite smartly,” says Yates. “His father (Lucius Malfoy) is a bit of a dapper dresser, too, and Draco’s tailored clothes just give him a really singular iconic shape. It’s part of this aging of their world. He cuts a figure. In class, they still wear uniforms. Out of class, they start to express themselves, or their aspirational selves.” - USA Today

Not to be outdone,MSNBCalso published an essay on Malfoy, detailing his growth from the brat he’s been in the first fivePotterfilms to the deeper and more integral role he plays inHalf-Blood Prince.

….”Half-Blood Prince” finds Malfoy in a different light. His father is in Azkaban. Voldemort has given Malfoy a terrible mission that has little chance of success. And Malfoy no longer trusts Snape, leaving him alone except for his two loser friends Crabbe and Goyle, who mostly get in the way.

Now, instead of being just a brat, Malfoy is a teenager trying to decide what and who he wants to be. Nobody understands him, all the adults are getting up in his business, an uninvited werewolf is crashing his Hogwarts party, and his homework is to kill the headmaster.

…[Malfoy] has to do the un-brat like measure of growing up. It’s the moment where the light bulb goes on and he realizes that, wait a minute, bad guys actually kill people, not just make slugs come out of their mouths or pick on the unpopular kids. And he doesn’t expect anyone to be there to bail him out, so for the first time we see the weight on his shoulders that Harry has carried for his entire life.

Sure, he still has bratty tendencies. But as the premiere date for “Half-Blood Prince” looms, for the first time his character is actually worth watching. - MSNBC

Finally, MTValso chatted with Felton at the red-carpet premiere ofHalf-Blood Prince, who is glad Malfoy didn’t have any love scenes in the new movie, unlike co-stars Rupert Grint (Ron) and Emma Watson (Hermoine).

“I was luckily left out of that,” he laughed. “I heard it was a little bit awkward, so I was grateful not to be involved with the snogging.” - MTV Movies

I’m looking forward to the new Potter film, and hope it starts to take the series down a darker path. Harry Potter needs to step it up and actually kick some ass. They’ve been saying “this is the dark one” for every movie release, but it’s been pretty incremental so far. With a PG rating forHalf-Blood Prince, I’m not overly optimistic. What do you think?

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i really loved draco this movie. i think it's a shame that rowling let him turn out as a traitor at the ending, i think he should throw himself for a bullet or something, that 'cause of his actions, voldemort gets killed after all. now it's pretty stereotypical. the slytherins are al bad and stuff and gryffinder (<i'm sorry i'm dutch not english) is the house where all the heroes are and stuff. Only snape was good and he wasn't a pleasent man either. I think draco should be the tom riddle who made the good choice at the end.

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterlucy

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