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Actual Alice in Wonderland screenshot shown

Thanks to EW, we have a new screen of Alice in Wonderland. I’m not usually one to post a single screenshot (well, unless it’s The Hobbit), but this film is just odd enough that every screen I see makes me want to see a bit more. Tim Burton is directing, which means it’s going to be darker and odder than any Alice in Wonderland before it. Let’s hope he does a better job than he did with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which wasn’t a bad movie (it was closer to the book), but it certainly wasn’t as good as the original.

This image is released in anticipation of a “semi-trailer” Burton will show at Comic-Con. Alice is still in filming, thus there’s no finished trailer yet. He should show off the footage at the Disney 3D panel on July 23. He’ll also be showing off footage for his new CGI animated film 9.

Burton’s version of Alice will be a completely new take on the story. Instead of being a young girl and following the white rabbit, Alice has now aged to 17 and she is returning to the fantasy land she knew as a child. Seems like this would ruin some of the enchantment. We’ll be excited about everything, but she might be “Winona-Rider-in-Beetlejuice-bored” with it all. Let’s hope not, but Tim Burton does like depressed characters.

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