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Super crime fighting hamsters beat Harry Potter at the box office (Weekend Report)

Say it ain't so! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been dethroned after one weekend. Bummer. Perhaps if the movie was better this wouldn't happen. Nonetheless, Disney's new 3D superhero animated hamster movie, G-Force, edged out Potter, taking in $31,656,934 to Potter's $29,462,187. This is despite the fact that Potter (4,325) was in 600+ more cinemas than G-Force (3,697). Half-Blood Prince dropped 62% from last weekend. For context, Order of the Phoenix lost about 58% of its audience during the second weekend.

On a sadder note, The Ugly Truth debuted in third with $27,605,576, despite showing in 800 less theaters than G-Force (2,882). Why is this sad? Well because it actually had a higher per-theater average than the other two! Don't go see this, you won't like it, and I'm not a romantic comedy hater. It deserves a swift fall off the charts.

Orphan debuted with a better-than-expected $12,871,483.

Finally, 500 Days of Summer, despite being in only 85 theaters, racked in $1,635,772 and clocked in at #12. The Hurt Locker slotted directly under it at #13 with $1,438,355. Both films are up about 95% from last week. I'm desperately hoping these two films will make their way toward Lansing, Michigan because I'd really like to see them. If they're playing near you, feel lucky, go see them, and let me know what you think.

(Note: I should have a review of Orphan up later tonight or early tomorrow.)

Weekend Box Office for 7/24/2009
G-Force $31,656,934
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $29,462,187
Ugly Truth, The $27,605,576
Orphan $12,871,483
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $8,408,430

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