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Watch this trailer: A Single Man

Consider me surprised! I just watched the trailer for this film, and I’m thoroughly amazed. This is the first trailer I’ve seen in some time that manages to actually do its job correctly: get me to really want to see the movie and not ruin the whole plot. In fact, it does its job perfectly. I know absolutely nothing about this movie, and that is awesome. It’s written and directed by Tom Ford, and appears to be his first project. Colin Firth and Juliane Moore star. The film premeired at the Venice Film Festival days ago.

Trailer quality is at a low these days. Either we get Lord of the Rings style montage trailers full of characters talking or the traditional chain-smoking, deep-voiced narrator trailer.  In both instances, studios don’t seem to know how to get audiences interested without ruining the entire plot of each movie. Kudos to whoever made this trailer.

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