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My drive home came straight out of a horror film

A thick fog blanketed empty and foreboding streets on an unusually illuminated orange night sky. It was 2 a.m., I was driving home from the theater after seeing Pandorum (review), and a haunting theme from Super Metroid played in the background (listen below). On top of that, I accidentally missed my exit and had to turn around at an old and ominous motel (naturally). As I turned around, I expected to be approached by Norman Bates, as I waited for my car to stall. Maybe a nice looking hitchhiker would ask for a ride. This was one too many coincidences. I knew I probably wouldn’t make it home alive.

I kept alternating between actual fear and a stunned disbelief. I’ve always thought that if characters in horror films could hear the music playing they’d know trouble was ahead, but hearing the music actually made me bolder. I started taking pictures and driving in circles, hoping something even stranger would happen. The pictures above and below are from my trip. I wish I had a better camera though. My mobile phone didn’t pick up the fog. A couple more shots are after the jump.

Have you ever had a moment when reality and film seemed like one, where there are just too many coincidences to ignore? Share your own story below.

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