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MONSTERS INC. 2 on the way? 

Mike Wazowski still hasn't filed his paperwork, it would appear. Sully, Mike, and his succulant little garden snail Roz (seen above) may be returning for a sequel. Latino Review reports from an "inside source" that the sequel is "a go" at Pixar and will likely hit theaters before 2013. If that seems like a long time, remember that a typical animated film from Pixar has a four year development cycle. Since the film is a sequel, this Dev. time may be shorter, but Pixar is known for taking its perfectionism.

Here's the current Pixar release calendar.

  • 2010: Toy Story 3
  • 2011: Cars 2
  • 2011(late): The Bear and the Bow
  • 2012: Newt 

Pixar is my favorite movie house, but all these sequels are scaring me. The studio is popular solely because it doesn't usually do sequels. Let's hope that it can retain its magic as it starts cranking out two films a year, per its marching orders from Disney. More on Monsters Inc. 2 as I hear it.

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