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SUPERMAN 6, from the makers of THE DARK NIGHT

Superman is returning to theaters again, this time shepherded by Batman Begins and The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Even better, today reports indicate that Batman series writers Jonah Nolan and David Goyer are writing the new film, still tentatively titled The Man of Steel

Rumors went flying today, but the consensus is that the new film is moving forward and will not retell Superman's origin story. We don't yet know if it will acknowledge the older films. Superman Returns director Bryan Singer and star Brandon Routh will not be returning for the new film, which is now a priority for Warner Bros. The company must get another Superman film into production by 2011 or face losing the Superman license. Even worse, it might have to pay a boatload of cash to get that license back. It's always about the Benjamins.

Variety reports that Goyer's new story may be quite epic.

According to sources close to the companies, Goyer pitched a more action-packed idea that involves Superman battling archnemesis Lex Luthor and super villain Brainiac -- far different than the original story that was seen in "Superman Returns" in 2006. He could wind up helping another scribe develop the final script, as he did with "The Dark Knight."

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are possibly the two best comic book films of all time. I can't think of a better team to revive Superman. My only problem? Superman is a boring character. He's the archetype for all superheroes, but doesn't have the interesting character flaws of later Marvel characters like Spider-Man. Superman Returns demonstrated this best. It tried to make a Superman character drama. The result: nobody said anything for two straight hours and Superman became a deadbeat dad.

What do you think of the Batman team working on Superman?

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