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Why rumors suck: Is Logan Lerman '100% locked' to play Peter Parker, or not?

Wow. Sometimes these rumors play themselves out like a Katy Perry song. Over the weekend HitFlix reported that Logan Lerman, who recently played Percy Jackson, was the clear frontrunner and "almost 100%" confirmed as the next Peter Parker in Sony's upcoming Spider-Man film, a restart of the franchise to be directed by 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

Then Deadline Hollywood talked to their Sony source who says that Logan Lerman is "100% not going to be Spidey." In reaction, Drew McWeeny from HitFlix updated his post, acknowledging Deadline's article but standing behind his own. 

So, doing the math here: one source says Logan Lerman 100% has the role. Another source says he 100% will not get the role. 100% - 100% = 0%. So we're exactly where we started and 20 minutes older for taking the roundabout. There are a lot of things we could have done with that time.

The Captain America casting saga was worse. I had to have read 10-15 different stories (all published on almost every major movie site/blog) about who is 'confirmed' to be Captain America. The Office star John Krasinski was even confirmed for a day. Then he wasn't. Then Ryan Philippe was rumored to have it. Then Channing Tatum was under serious consideration. Then Chris Evans got the role. Did we really believe John Krasinski would be the next Captain America? I sure didn't.

Why report anything until we're reasonably certain it's true? Is our appetite to know the next Captain America that insatiable? Publishing every stray rumor as if it's fact is doing a disservice to the actual stories that come out each day. Then again, writing about how sites shouldn't write about rumors isn't the best use of my time either. Perhaps I'll stop.

The point: next time you hear that someone is cast in a superhero role, make sure the article says that the deal is done and signed. If not, you're probably wasting your time.

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