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Sam Raimi speaks up about Warcraft movie

With Spider-Man 4 canceled (it's being rebooted), the Warcraft movie may be next on Sam Raimi's plate. Collider caught up with him at the Saturn Awards this week. The film is still in the script stage, but he did confirm that it will entirely take place in the fictional Warcraft world of Azeroth; the film won't take a Masters of the Universe or Smurfs angle and have Elfs and Taurens roaming New York City. This is highly reassuring, as I wouldn't see a fantasy movie to check out NYC. Fantasy films used to do this out of necessity, but CGI and New Zealand have ended the relevance of such techniques.

Raimi and his team are fleshing out the basics still.

"We've got a 40-page document that needs a lot more work, but every draft that we do with Robert Rodat gets better and better...We're finding the characters and through the characters we're finding the story. There's no real angle on it--we're trying to create interesting characters that can live in the world of Warcraft, as though you are in the game itself, in one, or two, or three of those environments, and see the interaction with those great mythical, iconic characters." - Sam Raimi

Unfortunately, he does seem a little too focused on World of Warcraft, which is just one game of many in the Warcraft franchise. 

"I love the first-person interaction you have with other players online. There are so many aspects about the game that I really enjoy like the battles and learning spells and performing spells and getting to the next level like everybody else."

Hopefully we'll learn more soon. Rumors (stated as fact though I can't find the source) peg the budget for the Warcraft movie will exceed $220 million (holy shit), so I'm glad Raimi and the team are taking their time on the story. For this to work, Blizzard (maker of the video games) will need to be involved as well. Video game fans deserve a good movie for once. I'm not settling for god damned Prince of Persia. If that's the best Hollywood can offer, keep the money.

To learn more about the Warcraft video game franchise and my initial thoughts on the movie when it was announced last July, click here.

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