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Creator Mitchell Hurwitz confirms Arrested Development movie 

For those who have been hoping for an Arrested Development movie, this news isn't going to cure your anxiety. Still, we can still hope for one last annual Bluth fundraiser. While promoting the new series, AD creator Mitchell Hurwitz confirmed that the movie will happen, contradicting remarks made by Cross some time back.

"Believe it or not, we have started the script," Hurwitz told GQ. (And by "we," he means himself and "Arrested" co-executive producer Jim Vallely.) "We're taking a little abeyance while we get ['Running Wilde'] up and running. But it is our absolute next priority and we can't wait to do it." ...

Of course, the question remains when the movie will actually happen. And that's still the hard part, seeing as it will require the coordination of about a dozen very busy schedules. "As Mitch likes to say," Arnett told us, "we're just going to wait until there's zero interest, and that's when we'll do it." - GQ Magazine

In other good news, David Cross (Tobias) has joined the cast of the new Mitchell Hurwitz series Running Wilde, starring Will Arnett (GOB). Anybody who's a fan of David Cross--and everybody should be a fan of David Cross--will be happy to have him onboard. He'll be replacing Andrew Daly, who stood in for him during the pilot episode because Cross was stuck in Europe due to volcanic ash! You can read that whole story here.

This sounds positive, but if Running Wilde takes off, it could be a while before we see the Bluths. Running a television series ain't easy. Then again, if it gets cancelled, that can't bode well for Development either. Oh well.

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