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Pixar lends a hand to Jason Segel's Muppet movie

Pixar sure is busy. I worry about them. Worry or not, they are lending a helping hand to a lot of projects these days, including Jason Segel's new Muppet movie. According to Empire Online, the script was read to Pixar royalty Pete Doctor (big Muppet fan), Michael Arndt, Brad Bird, and Ed Catmull. There's no word on whether it's because the script needs work or if the film's creators just want some professional advice. 

Pixar lent its brainpower to the upcoming Tron Legacy script as well. In addition, Brad Bird is directing Mission Impossible IV and Andrew Stanton is making a live-action John Carter of Mars movie. Then there's news that Disney is making a Cars spin off called Planes for the Direct-to-Video market, and Pixar won't be involved (a scary prospect). Oh, and don't forget that the company cancelled Newt in favor of sequels. Still, Toy Story 3 was amazing so it's hard to complain.

And so I leave you with an article about Pixar's success, and how its teams keep churning out great films. Enjoy The Success of Pixar


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