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Inception #1 again this weekend! Has Salt spilled?

I love it when a great movie is rewarded in dollars. The final numbers are in and Inception, which I saw again this weekend, maintained its momentum this weekend, raking in $43.5 million, a drop of only 31% from last week ($62.7 million). To put that into perspective, most films drop somewhere between 45 and 75% in their second weekend of release. For example, The Last Airbender dropped 58.7% in its second weekend. This shows that Inception is getting good word of mouth, and should have no trouble making back its budget  of $160 million. According to Box Office Mojo, the film is holding up better than any film in a similar circumstance since The Matrix in 1999.

Perhaps someone should toss Salt over their left shoulder, because Angelina Jolie didn't fair as well. Salt opened to a decent $36.5 million. Not bad, but not Jolie's best. Wanted ($50.9 mil), Tomb Raider ($47.7 mil), and Mr. & Mrs. Smith ($50.3 mil) all opened to higher numbers. Salt has a recorded budget of $110 million. It is unknown how many millions more continue to be spent on the "Who is Salt?" ad campaign that's been running.

Toy Story 3 continues to inch toward $400 million. It clocked in another $9 million in its sixth week, ending the weekend at $379.5 million. Another good animated film, Despicable Me, also continues to do well, pulling in $24.1 million in its 3rd week (total: $161.7 mil). 

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