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Rob Lowe is buying Miramax!

Just when you think Rob Lowe has worn out his welcome on TV, he buys a movie company! What a crazy guy. The actor, along with partners Flavio Briatore (Formula One racer) and Giuseppe Cipriani (restaurant chain owner), are trying to form "a multi-platform media company, similar to DreamWorks," according to a report by tabloid site TMZ.

The Lowe trio may be getting a good deal too. In October 2009, Disney (the current owner) cut the Miramax staff by 70%, shut down most of its operations, and put the company up for sale. The NY Times pegged its price at $700 million. Lowe is looking to pay about $500 million--he must have more money than I thought.

Miramax has made some pretty good films, and some flops, but has remained dedicated to taking risks on innovative films. No Country For Old Men, The Queen, Kill Bill, Good Will Hunting, The Cider House Rules, Cold Mountain, Gangs of New York, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Bridgette Jones's Diary, City of God, Finding Neverland, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, and Chicago are some of its best known.

You know, this is great, and, go Rob Lowe, but I wish he had the money to buy MGM. That would make me happier. Also, Mr. Lowe, I'm available if you're staffing up.

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