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Weinstein Company orders a rewrite of Fraggle Rock script to "connect with an older, more sophisticated audience"

Well, I think I'm on the Weinstein's side of the argument now. Here's the story: about three weeks ago, Cory Edwards--who is under contract to write and direct a new Fraggle Rock movie--went rogue and wrote a long blog post accusing the Weinstein Co. (they have the cash) of conspiring against him and trying to ruin the beloved children's series by making it "edgy." I discussed the whole thing, at length, here.

Well, going rogue seems to have worked, kind of. The Weinsteins have clarified what they meant by "edgy."

“What [the blog post has] also done is gotten people talking again. Since then, I’ve been able to sit down with Weinstein’s new VP of Development and really talk about their issues with the movie. We’ve had some very good conversations about what they think “edgy” is and what I think “edgy” is. We got down to the philosophies of why to even make a Fraggle movie in the first place. And I think they’ve been able to qualify their word “edgy” with the word “older.” They want this movie to connect with an older, more sophisticated audience. I want to help them figure out what that means so that we are both happy. But right now it’s up to the studio to decide what they really want and how they’re going to move forward.

 I agree. The movie needs to have a Pixar approach where older audiences love it as much, if not more than younger audiences. As much as Hoodwinked! was an adequate film, given its constraints, Edwards' script for Fraggle Rock might not have the right tone for the series. Or maybe it does. I wish I could get my hands on it, as I'm as big an expert as they come on the subject of Fraggles. 

My biggest worry: everyone still wants to take the Fraggles out of the rock. I went into this a bit in my last post, so I won't rehash it, but there aren't many scenarios where bringing the Fraggles to Manhatten (or something like that) works. 

“Recently there have been a lot of new discussions about the script, and about the whole plot itself. The script is in a serious state of flux right now. The studio thought they knew what they wanted, encouraged me in a certain direction for two years, and now they want something different. So it’s hard to even tell you what it’s about at this point. I was way down the road on a story that I was passionate about, but now it’s all up for debate. This is all frustrating, painful development stuff, but hopefully, ultimately, it’s to make it the best movie possible.”

Perhaps it is time to take a step back and re-examine. You can read a long interview with Cory Edwards at YouBentMyWookie. Thanks to /Film for the link.

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