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Wait. Back the truck up. Rob Lowe DID buy Miramax after all!

Well, holy shit. I reported a couple days ago that Filmyard Holdings, a group led by construction magnate Ron Tutor, purchased Miramax for $660 million from Disney. This contradicted an earlier report that Actor Rob Lowe was working with other investors to purchase the company--a prospect that quite excited me. Well, it turns out that Lowe is a sneaky guy. In a statement on Friday, he confirmed that he is a part of the deal after all. 

The acquisition of a classic brand like Miramax is an exciting first step in my partnership with Tom Barrack and Colony Capital. This represents an exciting new chapter for me. And Tom and I could not have a better partner on our first deal together than Ron Tutor.

Aside from running a revived Miramax, Lowe is set to appear on NBC's Parks & Recreation as a regular guest. He recently ended his run on Brothers & Sisters and appeared in Ricky Gervais's The Invention of Lying.

Rob Lowe, you sly devil. Again, I am available if you're staffing up.

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