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WTF? Avatar: Special Edition DVD will have 7 more minutes of footage than the theatrical re-release

Talk about a scam. Just when I came to terms with James Cameron re-releasing Avatar in theaters with the gimmick of adding 9 minutes of extra footage, reports have surfaced that a new DVD/Blu-ray version of the film with 16 minutes of extra footage will hit shelves in November. That's not the end either. A 3D version of the Blu-ray will not be available until next year with who knows how much more bonus footage. 

Here's how Avatar producer Jon Landau describes the Special Edition.

"We tried to look at what people have responded to in the film and give them more of that," Landau told THR on Monday. "There's a whole new scene that takes place in the (Na'vi) school, there's more night bioluminescence, there's new creatures, and there is a new action scene. The scenes don't just feel like added scenes -- they are very organic to the story and embellish it."

He went on to comment that audiences should see something new about every 15 minutes. Sounds great...

James Cameron has said that the best way to watch Avatar is on the big screen in 3D. If so, why is he forcing us to watch the most complete version on our TVs at home in 2D? Would it hurt sales that much more if they included 16 minutes of bonus footage in the theatrical re-release? Seeing almost double the bonus footage would wow a lot more audience members and get them to spread good word of mouth.

This news is deeply disappointing. James Cameron, you wrote Avatar about the perils of greed, yet here we are. 

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