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Netflix launches its streaming iPhone app

If Netflix didn't have enough of a lead on rental chains like Blockbuster Video (a dying company) and Kiosks like Redbox, today marks another step ahead for the forward-thinking company. On its blog, the rental company announced today that a Netflix streaming app is available on the iTunes app store for iPhones and iPod Touch (no word on an updated version for the iPad). With a Netflix subscription, you can stream any available movies or TV shows right from your phone. Not bad. A video is below.

As a Droid user, I'm hoping a Google Android version isn't far off. It wasn't long ago that Netflix announced support for the Nintendo Wii and it has been making a number of deals for streaming content, which it sees as the future of its business. You can download the app here.

Here's the video from the Netflix blog (via /Film):

Netflix iPhone App Video from Netflix on Vimeo.


Haven't gotten your Netflix fix for the day? This infographic is pretty sweet. Like the Expendables kill count poster that popped up last week, this comes from an insurance company. Click the picture to expand.

Do you have an iPhone and plan on streaming from it, or is this a useless feature? Let me know.

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