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The Oscars may move to Monday, an even worse night than Sunday

If you thought trying to stay up until past midnight and have an Oscar party on a Sunday night was difficult, try a Monday. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is mulling over a change to the ceremony that would move it from Sunday night to Monday night. This is in addition to the possible rescheduling from March to January. Luckily, this change won't happen until 2013. 

The change is in reaction to the NFL, according to Variety (via Cinematical). Since football is so popular, two more games may be added to the season, which would push the Super Bowl to late February or early March. Being scared of things that have ratings, the Academy may push the Oscar ceremony to a Monday night.

My question: Can't they find a way to air it on a Friday night or sometime on a Saturday? As long as the awards stretch on, it's almost impossible to get anyone to watch them all if the awards air on a night like Sunday or Monday when everyone has to get up and work the next day.

Am I alone? What do you guys think of the move?

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