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Arrested Development movie script is halfway there

It's hard to say if this is news or not, but series creator Mitchell Hurwitz confirmed that the script for the long awaited Arrested Development movie is in the works and about half-finished! It's oddly fast, since he only recently confirmed that he had started writing it. Hurwitz, you sly dog. 

Were writing it; we’re halfway through…The reason I’ve been so cagey is fans have been so [eager about it]. I really want to do it…It’s not going to be a big money maker…It’s going to be fun, like a family reunion. The only stumbling block could be scheduling. Everybody wants to play together. - Mitch Hurwitz at the Television Critics Awards

I like his attitude. If the team went in thinking this movie is going to make a ton of money, they'd have the wrong attitude. Arrested Development only got better as ratings pressure mounted against it. I'm looking forward to seeing David Cross and Will Arnett reunite in Hurwitz's new series Running Wilde as well. That should be a lot of fun. 

Thanks to THR (via /Film) for the update. 

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