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Avatar 2-3 may be shot back-to-back, says Cameron

James Cameron is back. With the Avatar re-release set to hit theaters in a couple months, reporters are already hitting him up for another round of sequel information. Speaking on the possibility of back-to-back sequels, he says it's definitely something he's looking into since it could save a lot of money.

Speaking with MTV, he says Avatar's filming process lends itself to an extended schedule.

..."We're actually talking about that. That's not a decision yet," Cameron revealed. "That is something that makes a lot of sense, given the nature of these productions, because we can bank all the [motion] capture and then go back and do cameras over a period of time."

He added that the nature of their filmmaking process lends itself more naturally to a back-to-back shooting schedule, versus that of other live-action productions.

"The way these back-to-back productions fall apart is that you're trying to do two live-action films back to back, and you're working on it for a year and a half, shooting. Everyone is dead. It's not humanly possible," Cameron said of live-action shoots. "This type of film, it absolutely would work." - MTV Movies Blog

In the meantime, the director is taking notes for the Avatar sequels (an early step in scripting the films) and finishing the novelization for the first film. Ever the perfectionist, he's writing it himself so that it's done right. As for opening the universe up, ala Star Wars, he's open to letting other writers enter his world, but not quite yet.

"I don't mind opening the universe, but I just don't want that to happen until I've got more meat on the bones," he said, adding that he'd like to fill in some of the specific details about the company, what's happening on Earth and Grace and Jake's backstories. "That all needs to be filled in before other writers can come in and run with it."

Full audio of the interview is available here. Good interview, MTV. 

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