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Chinese woman sues theater for having too many commercials before shows

In an early sign that we Americans are giving Chinese people bad ideas, a Chinese woman is suing distribution company for the movie Aftershocks, as well as the theater where she saw the film. Why? She didn't like having to sit through 20 minutes of commercials and movie trailers before the show...

However, unlike an American, she isn't suing for millions of dollars; she is demanding to be repaid the price of a movie ticket (35-yuan or $5.17), one extra yuan (15 cents) for emotional damages, and a letter of apology. 

According to The Calgery Herald:

Chen, who is a lawyer, has accused Polybona and Huayi Brothers of wasting her time and violating her freedom of choice. The case has been accepted by the People's Court in Xian, the capital of Shaanxi province, Xinhua said, citing a statement from the court.

...She has also advised the cinema to publish the advertisement times on its website, in the lobby or on its customer hotline and asked Huayi Brothers to cut the length of commercials to less than five minutes.

While I enjoy movie trailers, there should be a limit to the number we are subjected to before a movie. Like China, theaters here in the States do not state when the actual movie will begin either. Many don't even start the previews until five minutes after the stated run time. Instead, audiences sit through groan-worthy movie trivia and commercials. 

China should watch its back though. A woman suing for a movie ticket refund today could mean a multi-million yuan lawsuit in ten years. While we export our way of life around the world, it seems we're also teaching foreign citizens how to abuse the court system.

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