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Is The Fighter an Oscar contender? Check out the new trailer

No, this isn't Cinderella Man 2. It's Mark Wahlberg's dream movie; the actor has been trying to get The Fighter made for years now and his dedication has finally paid off. Starring with him is Christian Bale and Amy Adams, neither of whom I have any complaints about. The story is pretty simple. Wahlberg is on a winning streak and his crazy brother, Bale, is his trainer. Bale gets into trouble and Wahlberg starts losing. No rise comes without its falls. The trailer is below.

It looks like everyone here is angling for some Oscar nominations, especially Christian Bale, though Wahlberg is a bit stiff. That said, he always comes off a bit stiff, but usually wins the day. The only pitfall of The Fighter is the problem with every boxing movie post-Rocky: there are only two ways it can end.

The Fighter will get a wide release December 10, but should get a limited release in the near future.

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