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'A Good Day to Die Hard' plot details and release date revealed

Today, Fox made Die Hard 5 official. Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, appeared on The Jim Rome show this morning (apparently Jim is a fan) and announced that John McClane will hit the big screen again in 2013. The sequel will be called "A Good Day to Die Hard," reports /Film, which picked up the major details of the announcement. 

The sequel will start filming in January 2012 and hit theaters on Feb. 14, 2013, which happens to be Valentine's Day. It will have Bruce Willis back as John McClane, this time heading to Moscow to get his son out of jail. Unfortunately, when he gets there, things escalate into a world-ending scenario that only he can solve. That's just how life goes for McClane. 

Bruce Willis handpicked John Moore to direct. Moore is best known for Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and the recent Max Payne movie starring Mark Wahlberg. The script was written by Skip Woods, who has a mixed track record. He wrote the decent A-Team, Hitman, and Swordfish, but also the colossally bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Let's hope he was wearing his Swordfish pants when he wrote A Good Day to Die Hard

And that's all we know so far. I'd imagine that this film will follow Live Free or Die Hard and become more of a balls-out action movie than the older films. While John McClane was a smart everyman in the original Die Hard, by number four he was practically a superhero, jumping on jetplanes and shooting cars into helicopters. Still, despite its escalating ridiculousness, the Die Hard series has been consistently good, though Die Hard 2 was a bit weak.  

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