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OK Go sings the Muppet Theme Song - video & behind the scenes

To promote the Nov. 23 return of Kermit and the gang in The Muppets, Disney and the Jim Henson Company have put together a new album of Muppets cover songs, remade by popular bands. Weezer, My Morning Jacket, Matt nathanson, Amy Lee, and others all appear on the album, creatively titled the "Green Album"--an obvious nod to Weezer's Green album, but with more frog. Stealing the show, however, is OK Go, which remade the Muppet Show Theme.

OK Go is known for its cool music videos. In the early days of YouTube, the band's video for "Here It Goes Again" was a major hit, building to more than 50 million hits. These days, the band's videos are a business all their own. Check out the OK Go YouTube channel to check out some of their big videos. This Muppet Theme Song is a lot more fun if you have.

We've included the video below. Disney also sent me a link to a behind the scenes "Making of the Video" clip, which is fun to watch as well. 

The Muppet Show Theme Song

Behind the Scenes


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