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Awesome video: 'Requiem for a Dream' with puppets

Requiem for a Dream is one of the most disturbing and brilliant movies I’ve ever seen. Replace all of the actors with puppets and you have a masterpiece. Fans of the movie will find a lot to love in this short little trailer. All of the key themes and bits seem to be here, from the refridgerator to the TV to “tail to tail” action. Drugs are bad, but this is awesome. 

This short is a nominee for the 2012 Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. If you like it, they’d appreciate your vote. Vote for it by clicking “Like” at this link. I have no affiliation with these guys. I just like a good Requiem parody. 

Also, if you haven’t seen Requiem for a Dream, see it already. It won’t be the most pleasant film you ever watch, but it will be one of the most memorable. 

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