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Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords talks about his role in 'The Hobbit'

The Hobbit will see the return of one of the original trilogy’s biggest stars. No, not John Rhys-Davies or Viggo Mortensen. Bret McKensie is coming back to Middle Earth. Don’t recognize his name? Well, you may know for being half of “New Zealand’s 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo,” Flight of the Conchords. Yep, McKensie played an unnamed Elf (fans named him Figwit) in The Fellowship of the Ring and since he made such a splash online, Peter Jackson brought him back for a longer role in Return of the King. Now he’s shaving his beard and growing his hair out yet again for the prequel. 

Empire spoke with McKenzie about his time on set as Lindir (he has a name now). Some choice quotes are below.

On filming: 

“It was in Wellington so I could pretty much walk to work. It’s still a small part — I did a couple of days earlier this year — but it was great to get my pointy ears back on. It’s in 3D, so the ears will be extra pointy. You’ll be able to touch the ears…Oh yeah. I look like I’m 12. I look much more like a girl in The Hobbit. I look like a hot girl.”

On his character:

“I’ve got a proper name this time: Lindir. In the book he was a musical elf. This time, if I make the edit, I’ll speak in Elvish. But I don’t sing. They haven’t asked me to do the theme song yet! Maybe this time it’s me and Annie Lennox.”

On Ian McKellen:

“Ian McKellen, it turns out, is a big fan of Flight Of The Conchords. He and I had a good time on set, coming up with ideas for Hobbit: The Musical. We’re still developing it…”

Count us in. Hopefully Lindir will get some screen time in the Extended Editions at least. The first half of The Hobbit will hit theaters in Dec. 2012. We don’t yet know which half of the film he’ll be in. 

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