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Dark days ahead for The Dark Knight - Does Nolan have an ace up his sleeve?

The latest Dark Night Rises teaser poster has hit the web this weekend and it’s not looking good for the bat. The poster shows a seemingly victorious Bane, played by Tom Hardy, walking away from a shattered Batman mask lying on the ground in the pouring rain, with the tagline, “The Legend Ends.”

So is it the end of Batman? It’s certainly the end of the Christopher Nolan/ Christian Bale era. With Nolan admitting that this is the last of a trilogy and Bale saying last week that having finished filming his character’s scenes it’s “the last time I’m taking that cowl off.” No ambiguity there.

Despite being a little known character to all but the most ardent of comic book readers, Bane is famous for breaking Batman’s back in the Knightfall story arc and it seems the advertising campaign is certainly playing on that, or at least playing on our expectations of it. Both cast and director have referred to the final installment as an epic and also said that it brings the trilogy to a close, so it’s not unreasonable to assume, especially when you take the latest poster into account, that perhaps things won’t turn out as we would like. Several cast members have said that Christopher Nolan is a master story teller and that he still has aces up his sleeve so I can’t help but wonder if we are party to the whole story or is this whole campaign a simple case of misdirection?

The majority of the movie has so far been filmed out in the open for all to see. In Pittsburg, Los Angeles and New York to name but a few locations. Consequently there has been an endless supply of photographs and videos flooding the web on an almost daily basis. Not what we have come to expect from a major Hollywood production. Why would a director allow such accessibility to his movie? Does he have a good reason?

Call me suspicious but it feels as if we are only seeing what the director wants us to see and that perhaps there is more to this movie than meets the eye. Or at least the public eye.

In any case, rumours are rife. Cillian Murphy, who played The Scarecrow in the first two movies has reportedly been seen on set and Marion Cotillard, who plays a role as a Wayne Enterprises employee has denied reports that she plays a dual role as Talia Al Ghul. It has also been suggested that Liam Neeson turns up in a cameo reprising his role as Ras Al Ghul. Either way, despite denials from all involved there is a definite feeling among the fans that Bane may not be the only villain after all.

Whatever happens, the pedigree of the first two movies tells us we’re in for a treat. And if there is a surprise I hope it exceeds all our expectations and is way better than any of the rumors that we’ve heard. Who wouldn’t want to have Batman’s greatest nemesis turn up again? Admittedly Heath Ledger’s turn as The Joker would be an impossible act to follow, but I bet there isn’t a Batman fan out there who isn’t hoping against hope that somehow there’s a way to make it happen.

Along with The Avengers, this is one of my must-see superhero movies of 2012. But while The Avengers is going to be a fun ensemble of comic book superheroes kicking ass and dropping cool one-liners, The Dark Knight Rises promises a much more intense and mysterious tale. If this current poster is anything to go by, The Dark Knight may well have some even darker days ahead.

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