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Guillermo del Toro to direct 'Beauty and the Beast,' Emma Watson to star

After seeing Beastly, it’s hard to get excited about any new live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, but wiht Guillermo del Toro at the helm, it’s instantly interesting. Variety reports that the renowned director of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth will take charge of “Beast,” a new take on the classic tale. Better, the casting is already going well, with Emma Watson (Harry Potter) signing on to play the beauty—an interesting, but enticing choice. Andrew Davies, known for Bridget Jones’s Diary back in 2001 but more recently for the quite lame The Three Musketeershas been tapped to write. 

Del Toro is currently filming Pacific Rim (also for Warner Bros.) and likely won’t finish working on it until early 2013, which could mean this Beast pic is still a ways out. He’ll be more than just a director too: Davies’ screenplay will be based on whatever basic story ideas the director conjures up.

Like all new film ideas coming out of Hollywood, there is already another Beauty and the Beast film in the works by Christophe Gans, reports /Film. It will star Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux (Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol). Gans’s version will be a French-language film and based on an early “variant” of the classic fairy tale.

So what’s so great about Beauty and the Beast? Do these directors really have ideas that will spice up the story of the tale or is this about a pay day? And what could Hollywood keep seeing in the story? Perhaps memories of Disney’s successful animated adaptation are still floating around, especially since it was just re-released in 3D. 

Do you think there is life left in Beauty and the Beast?

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