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'Hangover' stars to get $15 million a piece to make part III

It looks like The Hangover III could be getting the go ahead soon, with the three main stars set to sign on for a substantial pay increase, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are each asking for $15 million (against backend) to sign on for the second sequel and it looks as though Warner is ready to pay. The studio is short of all-but-guaranteed hits, having already kissed goodbye to one major franchise following the final installment of Harry Potter and with Christopher Nolan’s Batman series coming to an end this summer.

2009’s The Hangover was made for a mere $35 million with the stars earning less than a million each, while for the sequel they earned $5 million each plus a percentage off the back end. So quite an increase this time around.

The series is thought to be taking a different direction with its third installment after the first sequel simply remade the original in new surroundings. Stars and director have said that the setting will be Los Angeles and the plot will move away from the forgotten-debauchery style of the first two films. Rumours say that the plot involves the characters breaking Alan out of a mental institution but this is as yet unconfirmed. With Alan currently the only member of the wolf pack who has yet to marry it may well be his turn to tie the knot. Assuming they can find someone who’ll have him!

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