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'Jeff Who Lives at Home' trailer - Jason Segal attempts to soil my good name

You know, I’ve had a pretty good run with the name Jeff. Yeah, my initials JVC are the same as the major electronics company, but it could have been worse; I could have been named Michael Bolton. Still, it irks me to see the Duplass brothers try to ruin the good thing I have going. Their new film Jeff Who Lives at Home portrays we Jeffs as the type who live at home with our parents until we’re well into our 30s. It’s not true, I tell you! If I wasn’t pretty sure this would be a good movie, I might be offended. 

Here’s the plot: Jason Segal is Jeff, a dude who lives in his mom’s (Susan Sarandon) basement and Ed Helms is his brother, who appears to have a job and a wife (Judy Greer) who may be cheating on him. The cast also includes Katie Aselton who you may know from The League, where she stars with co-writer and co-director Mark Duplass. 

The movie doesn’t look particularly funny from this trailer, but if Mark and Jay Duplass’s previous films like Cyrus are any indication, it’s probably a bit funny, but highly entertaining. Cyrus stars Jonah Hill as another overgrown son still living with his mom (Marisa Tomei). When John C. Reilly tries to date her, he is thwarted by Cyrus who wants his mom to himself. It’s dark and quite funny. Check it out, if you haven’t.

Jeff Who Lives at Home is set for a March 16 release, less than a week before my birthday. How grand. If I ever write a movie, I’m going to name the villains the Duplass Bros. That will teach them, right?


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