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Movie remakes: Which movies deserve a do-over?

I’ve had a lot of different opinions concerning remakes recently. Everywhere I look, another one seems to pop up, from the lackluster Straw Dogs to the hilariously thrilling Fright Night. I tend to see two different reactions to remakes. If you’ve seen the original film, whether you loved it or hated it, you’re wary of another attempt at it again. Either it’ll be just as bad as the original or a botched blasphemy. If you haven’t seen the original, then you stand a chance of finding more enthusiasm.

There have been plenty of great remakes among the disappointments as well. Compared to it’s loud and campy predecessors, The Dark Knight series has been welcome with it’s dark and gritty take on the infamous Batman origins.

The Oscars aren’t exempt from remakes either. As USA Today points out, most of the nominations films are adaptations of books, and the Guardian thinks the adaptations will be favored to sweep most of the awards. Since I double-time as a bookseller, I can vouch that a lot of people come through wanting to read the books before seeing the movies. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a good example. The Artist is one of the only original films up for many awards, and I think it stands to win.

So while we’re talking about the idea that not all remakes are bad, I asked some of the writers here at Cinema Soldier what they’d like to see adapted to the big screen from another medium, or some movies that they would love to see get another chance (or a third). Below are our picks for the movies most deserving of remakes. 

Elliot Hayes - The Lost Boys, Ghostbusters

I’d really like to see a remake of The Lost Boys, I think sufficient time has passed for it to benefit from a remake and as long as it stuck with the vampires-are-evil style as opposed to that twilight ‘necrophilia or beastiality’ crap it could be exciting. Special effects have improved, vampires are quite the trend and god knows there’s room for a decent vamp movie. The Fright Night remake showed it can be done. I know it was flawed but it was fun and it took the original and brought it up to date. Everything I think a good remake should do.

I’d rather see a remake of Ghostbusters than another sequel, with actors like Seth Rogen and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. That would be a refreshing update and could spurn sequels. With someone like Edgar Wright producing.

Daniel J. Hogan - Resident Evil

I would really like to see the Resident Evil series get at least one decent film. A bare-bones, not too flashy, practical effects instead of CGI, “survival” film would be great.

There is so much material to draw on, especially Resident Evil 4. If someone can make a whole season of The Walking Dead, why can’t we see a Resident Evil handled with similar care and love?

Jeffrey Van Camp - Star Wars Episode 1, Dune

Having George Lucas remake his prequels is both a terrible and outlandish idea, but it really needs to be done. Even Glenn Beck agrees that Episode I is garbage. And when Glenn Beck agrees with me on anything, something is up. The three films got better over time, but the entire first film feels almost completely irrelevant. Whatever it was trying to accomplish, it failed. The same goes for any scene with Anakin during the trilogy. The best Star Wars films were not directed by George Lucas. I wish these weren’t either.

Picking Episode I is kind of a cop-out, but I’ll likely take some heat for my next pick. Despite it already being remade at least once, I haven’t been able to get into Dune, despite my best efforts. It seems like a cool premise, but I’d love a more epic take on it by a director with some crazy ideas like Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson. And give Patrick Stewart a better role. 

Erika Julien - Temeraire, Batwoman

I have two picks that I would love to see adapted to big screen. I warn you now, they’re very close to my heart.

The first is the Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik. After getting through the first few books, I found out that Peter Jackson optioned the series. But that news is very old, and I highly doubt that Peter Jackson will be able to work on it anytime soon since he’s currently still in the midst of finishing The Hobbit. But the Temeraire series is all about epic battles and dragons and naval ships during the Napoleonic era. Does that not sound amazing?

I trust that Jackson will be able to handle the series well. It didn’t strike me as a particularly difficult adaptation. So I’ll just be over here crossing my fingers that he still wants to do it by the time he’s finished with his other projects.

My second pick is my big hitter, the one that I need done right or I’ll be out on the streets ranting my rage: Batwoman. Gotham’s female counter-part to crime-fighting Batman, Batwoman was first created in the 1950’s to stem rumors that Batman and Robin were lovers. Needless to say, she had little depth and it was a relief when she was retired in the 1960’s. But in 2006, Kate Kane was reinvisioned as a strong, out lesbian vigilante that ditched the “utility purse” and kicks just as much villain-ass as The Dark Knight himself. The reboot was so much better that Batwoman eventually headlined the famous Detective Comics that launched famous characters like Batman and Superman.

With the recent New 52 reboot, Batwoman has been one of the most popular stories among comic fans. If you ever find the time to read one of the issues, you’ll understand just how compelling a Batwoman movie would be. Something absolutely dark and intense. Nothing less will do.

So whether it be a book, graphic novel, video game, or another a remake of another movie, is there anything you’d like to grace the silver screen?

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