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Netflix inks deal with The Weinstein Company for a bunch of films including 'The Artist'

Netflix’s huge deal with Starz is about to run out, costing the streaming service thousands of films, many of them notable new releases. To pre-empt the massive loss of content, it’s been signing exclusive deals for big television series like Mad Men, developing original content like Lilyhammer, and trying to sign big new film deals. The latest of these deals is with The Weinstein Company. 

On Tuesday, Netflix and The Weinstein Company announced that they have struck a multiyear licensing deal  for a number of foreign-language, documentary, and other undisclosed movies, including The Artist, which could very well win Best Picture at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in a week. Undefeated, which is currently in theaters, will also come to Netflix. Other films that will appear on Netflix “within one year” of their theatrical releases include WWII drama Sarah’s Key, The Untouchables, Madonna’s W.E., and Coriolanus, reports The Hollywood Reporter. I can’t speak for the others, but I’d gladly trade W.E. for any other movie. Madonna really misfired with this one, and that’s assuming she has the capability to direct something good at all. 

“It is a fantastic coup for Netflix to acquire The Artist and the package of additional titles,” said Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of TWC. “With this deal, a company that loves movies, Netflix, joins forces with a company that is built on that same love. It’s exciting that we can offer consumers a supremely convenient way to see the kinds of movies that made us want to be in this business in the first place.”

It’s hard to say how much impact this will have on Netflix or how much content the service will actually get, but if it gives anyone the chance to see The Artist, I’m for it. If you haven’t been able to see this film yet, find a way. It may be a silent film, but it’s as good as any Charlie Chaplin film I’ve seen. And that is a compliment, my friends.

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