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'Snow White & the Huntsman' trailer - Snow White has never felt so Twilight

I’m not sure why there are two new Snow White movies in development, as it seemed like Disney covered the story fairly well back in 1937, but it’s happening so perhaps it’s time to see how much we’ve progressed in 75 years. This trailer is for the Rupert Sanders (first time director) adaptation. From the trailer, it appears that the film has a highly stylized version of the story with Snow White (Kristen Stewart) battling in a suit of armor and the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth who you know as Thor) taking on a much larger role than in the original Brothers Grimm tale. Visually, it looks like Twilight meets Lord of the Rings, with a hint of Disney plagiarism where it relates to the look of the evil queen (Charlize Theron). Still, that beast in the woods looks cool, right?

It could be fun though, right? I’m going to keep my mind open and look forward to the trailer for the other Snow White film, Mirror, Mirror. Snow White & The Huntsman hits theaters June 1, 2012. 

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