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'Star Trek 2' filming underway: The news so far

After months of rumours regarding possible villains and the actors supposedly playing them, J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot sequel has finally gotten underway and shooting started this week. With cast confirmations emerging all the time it seems like a good time to recap the news so far. 

The cast is back, but no Nimoy or Shatner

First off, and no surprise to anyone, is the news that the cast from the 2009 original are all signed on for the sequel, though Abrams appears to have confirmed that none of the original series actors will be cropping up this time round. So no Leonard Nimoy as “Old Spock” and it looks like William Shatner’s consistent pleas to be in a new Star Trek movie have gone unnoticed. 

Not filming in 3D

In an interview on Collider, Abrams has confirmed however that despite pressure from the studio to shoot in 3D, he would shoot on film and convert to 3D post-production.

“We’re shooting on film, and the reason for that is I wanted to shoot with anamorphic, and you can’t shoot 3D in anamorphic…It will be converted, for those who want to see it in 3D. But, I wanted to match the look of the first one and shoot it anamorphically.”

Villain confirmed?

The big news came recently when British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was confirmed with reports suggesting he had signed on to play the villain, a role turned down by Benicio Del Toro over monetary issues. This is an excellent piece of casting as anyone who has seen Cumberbatch in the BBC TV series Sherlock will agree, but Abrams refuses to confirm what role he will play. When confronted he replied “who says he’s playing the villain?”, though it does seem highly likely.

Other new recruits include 24 actress Nazneen Contractor, Thor actor Joseph Gatt and fellow Brits Noel Clarke and Alice Eve. If Gatt’s role as Grundroth in Thor is anything to go by, it’s likely he’ll be playing some kind of bad guy, perhaps a sidekick to Cumberbatch’s villain. Variety reports Noel Clarke plays a family man with a wife and young daughter; Nazneen Contractor has been confirmed to play his wife. Little is known about the rest of the cast, including the role being played by former Robocop Peter Weller, other than that it is a major role and he plays a CEO.

And we wait…

So, very little has actually been confirmed other than the actors themselves, and being a J.J. Abrams movie it’s likely things will stay that way until some kind of poster or trailer comes our way. Star Trek 2 is currently due for release on May 13, 2013.

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