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Stephen King's 'Rose Madder' headed for the big screen

After the uncertainty following the development of the legendary Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, it may be time for fans to turn their hopes towards a more concrete project. Rose Madder, written in 1995 by none other than King himself, has been picked up for a film adaptation by Palomar Pictures. Naomi Sheridan, who co-wrote and earned an Oscar nomination for In America back in 2002, wrote the screen adaptation. The story follows a woman who escapes from her abusive husband and attempts to start over in a different city. While rebuilding her life, she falls in love with a painting and discovers that she has the ability to actually travel inside the work of art. Shooting is planned to begin in the next 18 months.

There’s reportedly several remakes based on King’s books in the works, as well as an adaptation of the 2009 novelUnder the Dome. In December, A&E will premiere a four hour miniseries based on Bag of Bones, starring Pierce Brosnan. It seems that the 64-year old writer is still a source of potential Hollywood gold since Carrie was released in 1976, and fans (like myself) can continue living happy lives in a world where Stephen King is still king. 

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