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LEAP YEAR has more clichés than most parodies


I want you to write down all of the situations, settings, shots, and lines from the hundreds of romantic comedies you've seen or heard of--all the glances, all of the broken hearts, all of the newfound love, all of the marriage scenes, everything, all of it. Write them all down on little note cards and put them into a garbage bag (there should be too many for a hat). Done that? Good. Okay, now pick an attractive actress, two attractive actors, and a setting. Finally, grab about 30 of those cards and lay them out on the table. If the actors you picked were Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, and a well-groomed Adam Scott, congratulations, you've just written Leap Year.

Scene-for-scene, there are more clichés in Leap Year than most professional parodies and satires. It makes Scary Movie look original. Here's an overview: Anna (Amy Adams), a rich city girl, is always in control of the situation. She decides to travel to Dublin, Ireland (an exotic romantic location) to propose to her boyfriend (Adam Scott), the initial love interest who we aren't supposed to like. He's a surgeon who seems to love inflamed aortas on more than he does Anna. 

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My 10 favorite films of 2009; also, Happy New Year!

It's the end of the year. You know, that time of the season when every website and publication names the "greatest" or "best" films of the year. I don't plan to tell you what the "best" movies of the year are, but here are my ten favorites of the many many of films I saw. Out of everything this year, these are the films that best captured my interest. These are movies I wanted to go see again and again. They're the ones I'll be adding to my DVD collection and recommend to friends. They are listed in no particular order. 

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"500 Days of Summer" director to take on "Just Another Love Story"

Marc Webb is in a good place right now. 500 Days of Summer has done remarkably well, pulling in almost $37 million in worldwide box office receipts (on a small budget), and is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. Now new director is in talks to remake another love story (or not): Just Another Love Story, a 2008 Danish film by Ole Bornedal. THR reports the film is about “a crime photographer who pretends to be the boyfriend of an amnesiac, only to face the wrath of the actual boyfriend when he finds out about the deception.” Sounds interesting. I haven’t seen the original, though it won some acclaim at Sundance.

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Review - 500 Days of Summer

Rarely have I left a film so happy and fulfilled. 500 Days of Summer tells a story that happens long after most romantic comedies finish their third act and spool the credits. It starts at the end of a relationship (Day 299 to be exact) and skips back and forth through time, picking up its pieces along the way. This is an honest, very funny movie about accepting, coping, and moving on when a relationship doesn't work; and 99% of the time, they don't.

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500 Days of Summer music video is here (Video)

I finally got to see 500 Days of Summer, and it was great. However, for those of you who haven’t (and have) here’s a new music video Fox Searchlight has released to promote the movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel star, with Marc Webb directing. The song is “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” from Zooey’s band Him and Her. Enjoy!


Funny People tops box office, Harry Potter holds on to #2 (Weekend Report)

It's a decent weekend for Judd Apatow, but Potter fans should be happier. Funny People, starring Adam Sandler as a comedian wrestling with death, managed to reach the top of the box office, but not by much. It made $23,439,565 through the weekend. It will be interesting to see if it trended up or down through the weekend. Final numbers are not out yet. (My review of Funny People is here.) If this follows the trend of the last two Apatow movies, or last three Sandler movies, it will break the $100 million mark, and possibly inch toward $200 million.

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Super crime fighting hamsters beat Harry Potter at the box office (Weekend Report)

Say it ain't so! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been dethroned after one weekend. Bummer. Perhaps if the movie was better this wouldn't happen. Nonetheless, Disney's new 3D superhero animated hamster movie, G-Force, edged out Potter, taking in $31,656,934 to Potter's $29,462,187. This is despite the fact that Potter (4,325) was in 600+ more cinemas than G-Force (3,697). Half-Blood Prince dropped 62% from last weekend. For context, Order of the Phoenix lost about 58% of its audience during the second weekend.

On a sadder note, The Ugly Truth debuted in third with $27,605,576, despite showing in 800 less theaters than G-Force (2,882). Why is this sad? Well because it actually had a higher per-theater average than the other two! Don't go see this, you won't like it, and I'm not a romantic comedy hater. It deserves a swift fall off the charts.

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Harry Potter dominates the weekend box office with $79.5 million opening

So apparently not everyone agrees with me about Half-Blood Prince. Though it failed to set an opening day record, it managed to consistently pull in more than $20 million a day through the weekend. Potter pulled in an estimated $26.8 million on Friday, $29.2 million on Saturday, and $23.4 million on Sunday. These aren't mind-blowing numbers, but they are consistent.

Here's a comparison of the opening weekends of all six Potter movies.

  • $90,294,621: The Sorcerer's Stone
  • $88,357,488: The Chamber of Secrets
  • $93,687,367: The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • $102,335,066: The Goblet of Fire
  • $77,108,414: The Order of the Phoenix
  • $79,475,000: The Half-Blood Prince

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500 Days of Summer is almost here (Poster)

Empire Online got the first peak at the new UK poster for 500 Days of Summer. I have to say, this movie looks great. It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl who really doesn't love him back. Sucks for him, right? Yeah it does, especially since that girl is Zooey Deschanel. I first saw Deschanel a few years back as a girlfriend in the show Weeds. She has an eccentric allure I can't quite explain. She is an actress to keep an eye on.

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