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Netflix inks deal with The Weinstein Company for a bunch of films including 'The Artist'

Netflix’s huge deal with Starz is about to run out, costing the streaming service thousands of films, many of them notable new releases. To pre-empt the massive loss of content, it’s been signing exclusive deals for big television series like Mad Men, developing original content like Lilyhammer, and trying to sign big new film deals. The latest of these deals is with The Weinstein Company. 

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Who chooses Academy Award winners? Old white men

One of the main reasons that the Academy Awards are so prestigious is because they are voted on by members of the filmmaking community itself, but who are they? This question is especially pertinant in a year where some of the films and performances that weren’t nominated are as interesting as those that were. To help explore this question, the LA Times spoke with more than 5,100, or 89 percent, of the voting members to uncover some of the demographics of the voting members in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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The Oscars may move to Monday, an even worse night than Sunday

If you thought trying to stay up until past midnight and have an Oscar party on a Sunday night was difficult, try a Monday. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is mulling over a change to the ceremony that would move it from Sunday night to Monday night. This is in addition to the possible rescheduling from March to January. Luckily, this change won't happen until 2013. 

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