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COP OUT ain't no friend of mine


I am a fan of Tracy Morgan, Bruce Willis, and Kevin Smith. I never want to see them ever work together again. They have no chemistry. Cop Out is a buddy cop parody with the comedic timing of a dead horse. Labeling it a parody suggests some intelligence behind the stitch-work of broken scenes and poorly executed jokes. No such sentience is at work here. Cop Out aimlessly references and quotes popular films from the past, but relies on the lamest aspects of 80s buddy cop movies to hold its 'plot' together. 

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Jennifer's Body proves Megan Fox and Adam Brody can act (Review)

If you are in high school and an insanely hot girl comes on to you out of nowhere, don’t get excited. She may want to eat your organs and drink your blood. Or at least, I think she wants to eat your organs and drink your blood. Do yourself a favor and start running anyway. It’s not entirely clear what Megan Fox is up to in Jennifer’s Body, a surprisingly offbeat horror/comedy/teen film by the writer of Juno, but it’s not good.

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