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Adam Sandler set to star in a movie version of 'Candy Land'

You read that right. Hasbro is teaming up with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions to turn Candy Land, the simplest board game there is, into a movie. Kevin Lima, who is best known for Enchanted, will direct and the screenplay will be co-written by Sandler and Robert Smigel, who wrote the Happy Madison classic You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. And by classic, we mean a film that somehow still made a ton of money despite being complete crap. Smigel is also a veteran writer for Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien. Sandler will star in the movie. 

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GROWN UPS is full of fart jokes and breast feeding (review)

Rating:  (Mediocre)

I've never been one to let a good fart joke pass unrecognized. I enjoy the kind of lowbrow humor Adam Sandler has been putting up on the big screen for 15 years, but he's running out of gas. Grown Ups continues a downward slide for Sandler, who desperately needs some fresh ideas. I laughed a lot, but the movie feels more like a gag reel. This is an hour and a half of Adam Sandler and his buddies casually goofing off at a cabin.

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Adam Sandler plans to upconvert PIXELS internet short into a 3D movie

I'm not sure what to make of this one. Pixels, a short film made by Patrick Jean of OneMoreProduction is one of the coolest two-minute internet videos I've ever seen, but I don't see it working as a feature length film. Nonetheless, Happy Madison, Adam Sandler's production company, has bought the rights to develop a longer 3D version of the short. Let's hope they don't fill it with funny voices and characters. Thanks to Cinematical for the link.


Movie News Bits - ALICE IN WONDERLAND extended trailer, Adam Sandler pulls an Eddie Murphy, trailer for INVICTUS by Eastwood, Galifianakis lands another role

Here are some of the more interesting bits of movie news I saw on the web today. Be sure to check out the Hitchcock collection, as it's 55% off on Amazon today. 

New trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

When I first saw the trailer for "Alice in Wonderland" I thought it was a bit Burton-by-numbers. Burton has such a unique style that sometimes he relies on it too closely. With that said, it's starting to grow on me, as is the insane mashing of different technologies used to get the look in this film. Are you guys excited? 

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Review - Funny People ****1/2

Funny People is a fantastic film, that happens to be funny. If you just want to roll over laughing, and don’t care to feel other emotions, I’d suggest something else—like The Hangover. This runs a bit deeper. It’s not 40 Year-Old Virgin 2 or Knocked Up Again. Funny People is Judd Apatow grown up, and he’s brought Adam Sandler with him.

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