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'Battleship' trailer - It's like Transformers meets the open sea

If you loved the Transformers movies, you’re going to love this! At least, that’s the message I’m getting after watching the new trailer for Peter Berg’s Battleship. In some ways, it makes sense. Both are based on Hasbro toys. It’s just that I distinctly remember Battleship being about two warring armada’s, not a few ships and a ton of transforming aliens. Clearly, I’m behind the times. 

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Be like Ripley this Halloween and make an Aliens Power Loader costume! (instructions)

If you really want to be one of the cool kids this Halloween, you'll spend the night waddling down the street in one of these bad boys -- a full-sized replica of Ripley's Power Loader suit from Aliens. A guy named "Alexthemoviegeek" made it when he realized that he had spent hundreds of hours making a full-sized replica of the Alien Queen but had no way of dispatching her, should she magically come to life. A picture and video is below.

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Ha! Close Encounters of the Daft Punk Kind (video)

If you've never seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I don't recommend watching this until you do. Not because it will spoil much, but not even Steven Spielberg and John Williams can top Daft Punk's electronic madness. This video should serve as a warning: if we don't pump out the beats, we're gonna get intergalactically creamed when we jam with our space bros. 

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ALIEN INVASION movies are taking over Hollywood! 16 of them! (FULL LIST)

Pack up your children and grab yer guns because aliens are going to be everywhere for the next couple years. Hollywood has always loved them, especially Steven Spielberg, but thanks to the success of District 9, Star Trek, and Avatar last year, a flurry of new alien projects are in development. Sadly, not a one of them is a sequel to Batteries Not Included. Maybe next year. I've left out a couple movies like Green Lantern since they are only somewhat alien related. 

Behold the full list below. 

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Rihanna, don't sink that Battleship!

Let it be known, I am convinced that no good can come of bringing Battleship the board game to the big screen. Upon learning that pop singer Rihanna will join the cast, I am saddened that her acting career may be over before it begins. Battleship is going to bomb, and it may sink Rihanna with it.

Do you hear me, Rihanna? You're making a mistake.

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