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'The Darkest Hour' reviews suggest the worst for this alien invasion flick

The Darkest Hour, the latest in a long line of alien invasion movies, opened on Christmas day to a host of poor reviews. Following a promising-looking trailer and scripted by Jon Spaiht, whose next project is none other than Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, The Darkest Hour looked set to deliver one of the best movies of a well-worked genre to date. Sadly it seems this particular invasion may have crashed and burned.

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'Battleship' trailer - It's like Transformers meets the open sea

If you loved the Transformers movies, you’re going to love this! At least, that’s the message I’m getting after watching the new trailer for Peter Berg’s Battleship. In some ways, it makes sense. Both are based on Hasbro toys. It’s just that I distinctly remember Battleship being about two warring armada’s, not a few ships and a ton of transforming aliens. Clearly, I’m behind the times. 

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New Monsters trailer shows more alien aftermath (video)

Monsters is one of my most anticipated releases. Directed by Gareth Edwards in Mexico, it shows what a good filmmaker can accomplish, even with almost no money. All of the special effects were done by Edwards himself. Like 28 Days Later, it's a supernatural movie with monsters, but it's more about the psychology of the characters. Cloverfield 2, this is not. Still, it's one of way too many alien invasion movies coming out in the next couple years. 

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Skyline trailer is here. I can't wait for the next 20 alien invasion movies...

I'm tired before the aliens have even arrived. Some weeks back I listed all 16 (now there are 17) alien movies in development. Now we have our first trailer and boy is it predictable. The alien ships look like Transformers versions of Independence Day craft and their bombs are blue and weak, but the result remains the same. 

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