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Batman SNL short - Steve Buscemi deals with the Dark Knight's tendency to disappear

The SNL Digital Shorts are hit or miss, but it’s always fun to see what strange idea Andy Samberg and his team come up with. Steve Buscemi hosted SNL this week. As it turns out, he makes a great Commissioner Gordon. In this short, Gordon deals with Batman’s (Andy Samberg) rather annoying knack for appearing and disappearing. And what shower scene would be complete without a hint of gay Aquaman? 

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs overindulges (Review)

If a cheeseburger dropped from the heavens and hit me in the head, I would not be happy. I probably wouldn’t be conscious either. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs shows us what happens when you get too much of a good thing, though its essentially just one big action flick.

This isn’t quite the Judi Barrett kids story you remember from childhood. It’s been altered, though a lot of the basic tenets are still in place. It’s still set on the fictional island of Chewandswallow, it still rains cheeseburgers and ice cream, and at the end the weather starts getting out of control, but Sony adds new dimensions to the classic story. We now know why those burgers fall from the sky. Flint Lockwood, a young scientist with daddy issues, is responsible.

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"I'm On a Boat" SNL song meets Ponyo (Funny Videos)

This is pretty great. It mixes the SNL Digital Short song “I’m on a Boat” with clips from Hayao Miyazaki’s newest masterpiece, Ponyo. If you haven’t seen Ponyo, you should. It’s a child’s wonderment type of tale, but anyone can enjoy its beauty. Check it out. The original “I’m on a Boat” video is after the jump.

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