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Where good ideas come from (short film)

I really enjoy these animated lectures. I posted one some time ago on The Crisis of Capitalism, and there's a good one out there about 21st Century Enlightenment. This one's more relevant: it's about how innovation happens. Where do good ideas come from and is the Internet helping or hurting social innovation? Does the constant flow of new information from everywhere or dicing of ideas into single sentences (Twitter) help or hurt breakthrough innovation? It's only four minutes long. Give it a watch.

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Check it out: 8Bits, a short film chock full of video game goodness!

Do you remember 0 and 1, my friends? This is an odd short, but it's has some damn good animation. I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but it involves a big bad guy, an unlikely hero, and a princess that keeps being taken to another castle--classic video game themes. The art reminds me of Psychonauts and the presentation style is a lot like Viewtiful Joe. Never heard of these games? That's fine. You're bound to notice something, be it the 2D transfers, Super Mario sounds, Sonic the Hedgehog bounces, Street Fighter boss battle, Zelda princess, TMNT exit, super copter, or race car ending. If not, hey, it's still a fun 4 minutes. 

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Awesome: Try to pick out 35 movies in this 2 minute animation!

I love a good puzzle. Test your abstract movie knowledge in this fast 2 minute clip. It's made by Pascal Monaco and friends. They boiled their favorite 35 movies into their most basic elements and strung them together. For example, the first image of the film is music notes raining down. I'll give that one to you: it's Singing in the Rain. This image above, it's Toy Story. Watch the video below; you've got 33 more to go.

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