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Darth Schwarzenegger!

Take scenes from the original Star Wars and replace Darth Vader's voice with Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. A simple, and elegant way to make them funny. Enjoy!

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Sony hires Len Wiseman remake Total Recall

Some movies are best left in the past. Total Recall is one of them. It's a cult classic about a man and his journey through Martian urban sprawl. Some guy even made an animated musical about it. Now Sony has hired Len Wiseman to "re-imagine" the action flick, reports Deadline. Wiseman is responsible for Live Free or Die Hard and the first two Underworld films. Kurt Wimmer, the writer of this masterpiece, is penning the film. (To be fair, Wimmer did go on to write The Recruit, Salt, Law Abiding Citizen, and The Thomas Crown Affair as well.) 

What do you think? Mad? Happy? Maybe Arnold will make a guest appearance? With so many of his films being remade, he could be the new Stan Lee and start making hidden appearances for a living.


PREDATORS is fun, but I'll take Schwarzenegger any day (review)

Rating:  (Decent)

Predators begins with a fun scenario: drop Adrien Brody from a plane.

Sadly, he lives. 

Once you get over this colossal disappointment (he earned death by starring in Splice), Predators is pretty good. It's also, hands down, the best movie in its series since Arnold got all muddy in 87'. Why? Because it tries very hard to be Predator from 1987. Adrien Brody does his best Schwarzenegger and roams the jungle with a team, trying to hunt while being hunted. For the most part, it does a damn good job. 

The biggest problems I have with Predators are the alien hunters themselves. We are supposed to fear them, but they look cartoonish, lumbering around with oversized heads and fangy faces. I half expect them to start sucking blood (like the Predators in Blade 2). They pretend to stick to a code of honor, but break it whenever convenience permits. Do they hunt or do they slaughter? The best moments of the film happen when these uglies are offscreen. The cheesiest, well, you get the point.

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Hear Arnold sing in TOTAL RECALL the musical (Funny)

Can't get enough of Total Recall? If you're as big a fan of the Schwarzenegger classic as I am, the little man inside you will be excited to finally watch the film in sing-song, as it was always intended. This video was created by Jon and Al Kaplan as the first part of Total Recall: The Musical. It's titled: "The Mountains of Mars." Check it out. (Thanks to Cinematical for the link.)


Here are 160 great Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man. He's a father, robot, space traveler, twin, kindergarten teacher, and frozen madman, yet he still If you do, I recommend watching Conan the Destroyer, a highlight of 20th century cinema. In any case, thanks to ScreenRant for the link. These are classic. Enjoy.

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THE EXPENDABLES trailer is packed full of 80s action

We've been hearing about Sylvester Stallone's big 80s action return for a while, but now the trailer is finally here. The Expendables stars Stallone and a huge cast of action stars including Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, and the immortal Dolph Lundgren. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger also make short appearances in the film.

Watching the trailer, I can't help but feel nostalgic. Like the recently released Ninja Assassin, The Expendables seems to take pride in its ludicrous nature. Its villains are 80s stereotypes, its explosions are huge, and its premise is entirely unwarranted. It hits theaters August 13. Thanks to my friends at Filmonic for the link.


PREDATORS trailer needs some Schwarzenegger 

Well, this is quick. The first behind the scenes footage of Predators debuted at South by Southwest (SXSW) only days ago and now we have a full trailer. I just saw this trailer in front of Repo Men. Mark me down as interested. This may be the first good Predator movie since the original, which was also set in a jungle. The only item missing: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Are we really to believe that Adrien Brody and Topher Grace can match wits with Predators? They're too weak. Schwarzenegger was the best and strongest human specimen we could hope to send into battle. These guys should prove easy prey by comparison.