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WTF? Avatar: Special Edition DVD will have 7 more minutes of footage than the theatrical re-release

Talk about a scam. Just when I came to terms with James Cameron re-releasing Avatar in theaters with the gimmick of adding 9 minutes of extra footage, reports have surfaced that a new DVD/Blu-ray version of the film with 16 minutes of extra footage will hit shelves in November. That's not the end either. A 3D version of the Blu-ray will not be available until next year with who knows how much more bonus footage. 

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Both Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-ray with this crappy deleted scene (video)

The older Star Wars gets, the more it seems to pop up in my news feed. At "Star Wars Celebratioin V" in Orlando, Florida last week, Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas about his awesomeness. The big news of the night: both Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-ray in 2011. Oh, and they showed a "deleted scene" from Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader, via the Force, asks an overly veiled Luke to join the dark side as the Jedi tinkers with his new green lightsaber. It is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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Today in too little, too late: Blockbuster and Comcast launch

How slow can you go? Blockbuster Video, a once popular video rental chain that now faces bankruptcy, is teaming with Comcast to stave off its own death for a few more months. The two companies have launched, a website that gives Comcast customers a great deal on renting mail. You know, like Netflix has been doing for 11 years. 

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The Matrix trilogy in 6 minutes (HD video)

The spoon may not be real, but this trailer is. The Matrix is one of my favorite films, and I don't mind its sequels. If you haven't seen the trilogy, I don't recommend you watch this. If you have, it's great fun. Jonathan Kiwanuka created this 1080p fan trailer for the Blu-ray editions of The Matrix trilogy. He calls it the "Ultimate" trailer, and I can't argue. If you'd like to take the blue pill, the video is after the jump.

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Damn, AVATAR looks good in this Blu-ray trailer

Liam at Filmonic posted this TV spot for Avatar's upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release on April 22. I'm equally impressed by this short spot. Avatar is likely to become the highest selling Blu-ray of all time. If you can hold off until later this year though, 20th Century Fox will release a special edition DVD with bonus features and extra scenes. This initial release will be bare bones.