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'The Evil Dead' remake update: Raimi and Campbell are on board, but no Ash

Fans of The Evil Dead, I have some interesting news for you. First, Sam Raimi, creator of the original 1981 The Evil Dead, is involved in the upcoming remake of the film, scheduled for 2013. Sadly, the 2013 version does not include the beloved and darkly heroic Ash, originally played by Bruce Campbell.

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Bruce Campbell's Soup Company labels: collect all four! (funny)

Bruce Campbell has been fighting the Evil Dead for years, and has nothing to show for it except a missing hand that's now a chainsaw. Finally, Campbell's Soup has realized the obvious branding opportunities with such a hero. Above we see Cream of Darkness soup. Other soups include Bisque o' County Jr. soup, Gumbo Ho-Tep soup, and Autolycus Cheese soup. Links to print out your own labels below!

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